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Black Rose

Black rose

Dark lady on silent toes,

Secretly enters from doors closed.

Haunting curtains screaming walls

Ghostly stillness, terror prevails.

Creaking cidar chest opens slow,

Red hand holding blank rose.

© Jaya Singh

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Unheard Calls

Within these four walls

Alone I cry,

No one to hear my shrieks.


Dry tears have left

Unruly marks,

Red eyes swollen like a beast.


I look at door, and patiently

Listen for footsteps,

No sound, oh but, passes by.


Within these four walls

A cold pale body

Is lying still stinking high.


No eye dropped a tear of grief,

Vultures crows

Left the body untouched.


When alive it pleaded

For demise,

Now dead it pleads for decay.


© Jaya Singh

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With a heavy heart

Sad girl

In no mood to read or write,

Out the sun is shining bright,

Feeling dull from inside.

Tired of this painful ride,

I want to sit beside

Some river flowing down from a height

And let it wash away this plight,

Which has created a deep void

In my heart and has destroyed

The happy life of mine so much that on this night

With a heavy heart, this sad song I recite…

© Jaya Singh

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Rotten mentality

If wrappings of cloth can impart respectability, the most respectable persons are the Egyptian mummies, all wrapped in layers and layers of gauge.

– Kamala Das


“Oh such a sweet lady she is

All skin covered from head to toe.

This is called good upbringing.

Really, such a nice girl.

It is 45°C and still see her clothes,

Such Endurance, remarkable!

Such a fine lady,

She must be a pious soul, you bet.” Continue reading “Rotten mentality”

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Do you still love me?

Girl sitting at the window sill.

I was amid the crowd today.

Among the strange, unknown people,

Making space for my fragile corporal frame,

Adjusting my stature in the variegated heights,

Such that your beautiful visage remains visible to me, 

While hiding mine.


You were looking so perfect,

You had an air of confidence 

As if you were fully conscious

Of your charm and at the same time

Unaware of it. Continue reading “Do you still love me?”

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Do you know, my love?

Do you know my love, how beautiful you are?

A precious pearl, you came on land for me,

To fill the gaps and complete my life.

Like the moon gives meaning to night,

Like the bird gives meaning to a tree,

You are so special to me.

You are the milkiness of waves,

The azure touch of sky.

A sparkling star,

A boon to me

You are.

© Jaya Singh

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Writer and his Work

“There is a strange relation between ‘writer’ and his ‘work’.

The more closely you know him, the more deeply you understand his work.

The more closely you understand his work, the more deeply you know him.”

© Jaya Singh

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An unnamed feeling

I am still the same

And yet a lot changed.

What is happening to me?

O! I am getting insane.

My thoughts are getting mature,

But my heart likes childish games.

I am loving everything,

The praises, as well as the blames.

I smile all day and night,

At what, I myself don’t know.

 I dance on silent tunes

And sing in moon’s soft glow.

I have gained a little weight,

So, why am I feeling so light?

I am standing here all alone,

Then, who has embraced me so tight? Continue reading “An unnamed feeling”

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I tear the shackles of lies.

I quit the stage of farce.

Unchain myself from these rules degraded.

On my sleeves, I wear my vice.

With pride, I showcase my scars.

I abandon this world falsely created,

This place where I don’t fit,

Where the zeal of rising is scarce

And else’s fall makes one feel elated.

Judge my soul if your soul is worth it,

Here, I stand naked.

© Jaya Singh

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You mean so much to me

The shade of thy lash,
Covering the heart-melting eye.
The tilt of thy head,
With the thoughts of touching sky..
The curve of thy shoulders,
In reverence of mother earth.
The beauty of thy lips,
Sprinkling that sweet mirth..
Oh dear dear soul,
The most handsome man..
How much you mean to me,
Is hard to explain…

© Jaya Singh

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The dilemma of my life

We all, at one point or the other, find ourselves standing at that spot from where the road divides into two and we’re unable to decide, which one to take. Either they both attract or both of them repel us. And, the magnitude of attraction or repulsion is also equal.

Should I move to city A or city B? Should I continue my studies here only or go to study abroad? Should I quit this job and apply elsewhere or continue this one only? Which stream should I take – Science or Arts? Should I marry or remain a bachelor? Oh! I know the answers of both the questions, shall I attempt option A or option B? Should I wear this white shirt or the blue one? I am wearing a pretty black dress, should I go for the black nail-paint or the red? Which optional should I chose for UPSC – Geography or Political Science? Which book should I read first – Wuthering Heights or Sense and Sensibility? … and the conflict of thoughts goes on and on.

I am no exception to this. Apart from all the daily life choices I have to make, there are two dilemmas which never leave my mind at rest. They are just as crazy as I am. Continue reading “The dilemma of my life”

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Beloved! Take me with thee

And I was wrong.

So very wrong. Yes, I was wrong.

I had thought…

That I can live without you,

That I will forget you sooner or later,

That I will be able to move on.


These words now haunt me,

They laugh at me,

Cause I have failed. Yes, I have failed. Continue reading “Beloved! Take me with thee”

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There writes a man in love…

There writes a man in love,

The legend of a simple pure romance,

The one which has a sweet beginning,

But a tragic painful end.


There writes a man in love,

The story of a young and comely lady,

And that of a generous man,

Who loves her truly, deeply, madly.


There writes a man in love,

Of feelings that she would never reciprocate,

Still, he writes and writes and writes,

For the answers of the unsent letters, he waits.


© Jaya Singh

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Yesterday Night


Yesterday night I saw a dream,

In the dream were you and I,

Everything was so beautiful,

The river, the breeze, the sky.

Standing by the riverside,

We were looking at the distant moon,

You slowly took my hands

And we danced to a magical tune.

Fingers clasped tightly,

We walked hand in hand,

And then stopped silently Continue reading “Yesterday Night”

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Come soon…

How longer will you try my patience, O dear moon!

Now come to me or I will die very soon.

Each second, I live without you, kills me a little more,

I am dying with each breath, only you are my cure.

I am deaf to the world, I crave for your voice.

Come and sing me to sleep, now not far is my demise.

Or else when you will come, you will find no mark of I,

You will cry for a glance of me and I will see you from the dulcet sky.

© Jaya Singh

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The Perfect Robe

The girl in beautiful robe

The best men were called,

From the corners of the world,

To make for her the most beautiful robe.

Something of which no one ever had heard before.


After several months of toil,

After burning mid-night oil,

Was made, the finest, the softest cloth

And the brightest of colours 

From the most ethereal flowers. Continue reading “The Perfect Robe”

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The lonely woman with a rose in hand

Woman sitting alone

big fat woman in pink plump shoes,

In skirt little tight and shirt a little loose.

Black hair held back with a white bunny band,

A big shiny purse and a rose in hand.

Entered in the space and sat on a chair,

Dabbed some powder on the face and caressed the hair. Continue reading “The lonely woman with a rose in hand”

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Reading the most beautiful poem

silently watch my lady, sleeping like a child.

The most radiant face, the most carefree smile.

The way her curls caress

Her milk soft bronze cheeks.

How she twitches and bites her lips,

When in her dream she gets my peek.

The maddening movement of her bossom,
Continue reading “Reading the most beautiful poem”

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Just Another Game

You want to know my real self,

You want to get a little close,

But I am not the angel you think,

I am a devil soul.

I will hurt you with my venemous tongue,

I’ll leave your skin scarred, Continue reading “Just Another Game”

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Somewhere Someday

Somewhere over the horizon,

Somewhere across the sea,

The possessor of this soul,

Somewhere resides he.


Besides some lonely beach,

He strolls all day and night. Continue reading “Somewhere Someday”

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तेरी सूरत को इन आंखों में सजाकर रखा है,

तेरी बातों को इन होंठों से लगाकर रखा है,

उन हसीन मुलाकातों को सीने में दबाकर रखा है। Continue reading “बेदाग”